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Jul 31, 2018

If you are a marketer, then you have probably heard of Rainmaker Digital’s Copyblogger and read some of its articles. Copyblogger is one of the most iconic marketing blogs in the world. It is kind of a big deal, and there’s a good reason for that. The team at Copyblogger works hard to publish specific content that the audience finds extremely useful and valuable.  

Today, we’re talking to Brian Clark, founder and CEO of Rainmaker Digital and creator of Copyblogger. Brian and Copyblogger are recognized by many as the most influential blogging resources. If you haven’t got the hint yet, Brian knows his stuff! So, learn all about audience, value, and generosity from him.  

Some of the highlights of the show include: 

  • Getting back to basics with digital and content marketing automation and personalization; it’s still the human being in the middle of it that matters the most
  • Know your audience for automation and personalization to be a delivery engine that gets better content to people who care about it
  • Learn how to use new tools before applying them in the fundamentals of a sound digital marketing strategy; the tool does not make the strategy
  • Audience First Content: Build your audience by providing them value; then you will understand what products they want and need
  • Publish content first that attracts an audience, and then build a product
  • Copyblogger is considered the Bible of content marketing despite no advertising
  • Rainmakers: Use email marketing principles and have a product to sell to develop authority and clients
  • How much to give away for free with your content marketing - be generous, tell them everything, and share as much as you can, if you are selling something
  • Content Creation to Revenue Generation: Are you getting more business than if you weren’t doing content marketing?
  • Productize content and charge audience for information by knowing the objective and removing all objections that prevent buying
  • Know your audience to determine the right format (audio, video, written, etc.)
  • Internet is the greatest market research environment; it’s no longer about not having enough information, but how to manage and utilize it all
  • Biggest mistake made is trying to appeal to everyone and not turn anyone off


Jul 24, 2018

Can a well-researched piece of content from a single URL help bring in millions of views in just one year? The answer is, “Yes.” CoSchedule knows exactly how that feels. Researched content helps you drive 10X results that convert into profitable customer action. 

Today, we’re talking to Michele Linn, who knows everything about research-driven content marketing. She is the co-founder and chief strategy officer at Mantis Research. Michele has amazing advice to offer on how to succeed at content marketing. 

Some of the highlights of the show include: 

  • Research is crucial for content marketing; people want to find data that supports their thoughts and beliefs; become the authoritative source for some type of topic
  • Examples of research include CoSchedule’s State of Marketing Strategy Report, and research reports from Salesforce and Robert Half
  • Find new ideas for your audience/niche by conducting a survey, or looking for a stat that people believe but is not backed up by data   
  • Audiences that care most about research-based content are those in a new industry to gain justification, and on social media that like to share stats
  • Importance of research-driven content to prove or disprove something
  • Targeting Topics: Is it something that’s interesting to your audience? Does it align with your brand’s story? Is there other research available on this topic?
  • Research can be time consuming, about 4-6 months; but it is worth the effort
  • Research can be a guiding force and the glue that holds your story and editorial strategy together
  • Pitching researched content to justify time spent; what does client care about?
  • Content to produce results; start out small, don’t do too much at once
  • Tools and processes work well to gather research; try surveys and secondary research; determine sample size to be considered representative and valid
  • Metrics to measure for success include media mentions, impressions of research, leads, downloads, email subscribers, and backlinks
  • Research Process: 1) Strategy and planning, 2) Data science, 3) Compile data and turn into story, 4) Incorporate research into blogs, infographs, videos, etc.   


Jul 17, 2018

How can you grow your website to become the world’s largest in your niche? Traffic without conversions does not let you influence profitable customer action, which marketing is designed to do. How can you get more results from your Website traffic? Marketing automation with Google provides prospective customers with what they want and when they need it to help influence their purchase decisions.

Today, we’re talking to Mike Danner, vice president of digital marketing at Ancient Nutrition. He helped the company’s Website, Dr. Axe, become the largest natural health Website in the world and generate about 19 million unique visits each month. 

Some of the highlights of the show include: 

  • Ancient Nutrition and Dr. Axe help educate and provide supplements for those who want a natural approach
  • Ancient Nutrition is progressive and doing things right to grow its Website
  • Every generation requires its own revolution; current generation is focused on sustainable farming and getting rid of big manufacturing lines
  • Ancient Nutrition evolved out of passion and vision to become #1 natural health Website in the world and buy Whole Foods some day
  • Organic and surge approach through success leaving clues; seek the best and biggest to mimic
  • Use automation to help increase conversions; automation through ClickFunnels improved growth for Ancient Nutrition
  • Focus on the return received from training, not the cost of the training
  • Organize, optimize, customize when building automation
  • Funnels that trigger journeys include micro-intense steps (cart abandonment)
  • Review and analyze data to make decisions; phases of data absorption, monitoring, and testing - experimentation and exploitation
  • Shiny objects are fun, but deploy something to earn money
  • Marketing Automation and Integrative/Holistic Approach to Testing Program: How often are you going to test? What are you going to do with the data?
  • If brand new to marketing automation, anchor toward your goals; make as much as you can evergreen, and automation’s only as good as the multiplier


Jul 10, 2018

Do you know how to use social media to build an irresistible brand and delight customers? Want to be amazing on Facebook, Instagram, and all the other sites? Need some inspiration for your social media branding? 

Today, we’re talking to Dave Kerpen, chairman of Likeable Media and best-selling author of Likeable Social Media. He shares his advice on what has remained relevant in social media over the past few years and what will continue to help you be successful. 

Some of the highlights of the show include: 

  • Dave’s favorite ideas/concepts include using social media for listening and storytelling to put ideas into the world
  • Brands that are good at storytelling are Redbox, Ahold, Century 21, and Work It
  • Dave’s #1 social media goal for brands is to make money; have a specific monetary ROI in mind
  • Move people down the sales funnel for awareness to purchase 
  • Social media savagery trend where brands troll the trolls; is it helpful or hurtful? Depends on your brand’s personality and audience
  • Biggest mistakes marketers make include using social media to sell too quickly, not sell at all, and not use advertising to take advantage of paid opportunities
  • Make sure you’re not selling too much and your content is something you would Like, share, or comment on
  • For paid opportunities, focus first on investing dollars into ads on social media
  • Future Social Media Trends:, videos, and messaging apps
  • Stop investing time into a social channel when the reason you joined no longer applies


Jul 3, 2018

Every day, consider your marketing career mindset. You can plan all you want, but at some point, you need to get to work, create something your audience will love, and launch it. You’ll probably make mistakes and face roadblocks along the way. But whatever goal you have for your marketing strategy, getting and staying organized will help you on your path to success.

Today, we’re talking to Kelly Napoli, who is the content marketing coordinator at Obermiller Nelson Engineering (ONE). Learn how to collaborate with subject matter experts (SMEs), importance of taking risks with your marketing, and why starting is more important than anything else. 

Some of the highlights of the show include: 

  • ONE is trying a bit of everything with its content marketing to see what works and what doesn’t
  • Marketers should pick SMEs’ brains to figure out what clients find interesting
  • It works better and smoother to have a conversation with SMEs vs. asking them to write marketing content
  • Lessons Learned: Once you’ve got a plan, implement it or nothing gets done
  • Personas: Have conversations about your target market
  • Provide audience with content that’s beneficial for them; at the same time, you don’t necessarily want to give away your secret sauce
  • Efficient collaboration with remote teams involves utilizing tools, including phones and video chats
  • Email is not always the most efficient way to communicate
  • CoSchedule advances you through the collaboration and communication process
  • Organization is Key: Find what works for you; for ONE, it’s CoSchedule
  • You pay for software, so use it; focus on what needs to get done
  • If you have multiple projects and tasks, stay organized by using task templates and Excel spreadsheets
  • Going from two to four new blog posts monthly to be consistent and productive; publish content to produce results and influence certain perceptions
  • Get organized in chaos behind marketing management; turn to CoSchedule, learn from your mistakes, and find software to help you stay organized


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